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Truck Accidents

The serious injuries and damage that occurs from truck accidents can be quite devastating. The sheer weight and size of large trucks makes them a deadly hazard in the hands of an intoxicated or negligent driver. Truck companies, in an effort to make money faster, will sometimes push their drivers past the point of exhaustion. In tough economic times, drivers will too often continue driving past a safe point.

Whatever the cause of your truck accident, you should immediately seek out a competent Utah truck accident attorney. Large truck and insurance companies will have large legal teams serving their best interests. You cannot expect to go up against them successfully without an experienced and qualified legal representative.

Recovering Compensation Following Utah Truck Accidents

It is unfortunate, but all too true, that one cannot always trust that things will just “work out for the best.” In a truck accident where victims have been severely injured or suffered loss, it is vital to have aggressive legal representation. The priority of some insurance companies is to pay out as little as possible in claims, with no regard to what is fair or just. You cannot be expected to negotiate for your recovery with the challenges you are already facing from your accident.

Having an experienced, trustworthy lawyer who is working solely for your best interests is your safest option. With more than two decades of experience and practice, David S. Kottler understands what you are facing. He has worked successfully with clients in similar circumstances as yours and he knows what needs to be done to fight for your due.

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