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Brighton Ski Resort Injury Claims: Utah Personal Injury Attorney

Were You Injured At Brighton Ski Resort?

There are some specific legal issues to address in any skiing or snowboarding accident claim in the state of Utah, including those occurring at Brighton Ski Resort. The Utah Ski Law does not protect ski resorts from all types of injury claims. How the law could affect your ability to file a claim successfully should be evaluated immediately by a qualified Utah personal injury attorney from Summit Injury Law. Attorney David S. Kottler is not only an avid skier, but he also has a deep understanding of how this law affects injury claims, and is a published author on the subject.

If you are looking for an injury lawyer that can help you fight for compensation after an injury at Brighton, Summit Injury Law is highly qualified to assist you.

Injury Claims Resulting From Accidents Skiing Or Snowboarding At Brighton Ski Resort

Summit Injury Law provides legal counsel that is committed to protecting the rights of the injured in all types of skiing and snowboarding injuries, including:

Many ski/snowboard accidents are related to negligence, and not part of the “inherent dangers of skiing” as defined under the Utah Ski Law. To determine whether your claim qualifies, a full evaluation of your specific case should be undertaken without delay. There is not only a statute of limitations, but the complexities of filing a claim in the Salt Lake City area are best resolved by having a very well documented claim. Obtaining and preserving evidence is a critical part of the process, and it is vital that an experienced attorney get involved as early as possible.

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