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Worksite accidents, especially those involving heavy machinery and equipment, can cause serious injury to a worker or workers. There are many laws and regulations regarding safety in the workplace and every employer is responsible for implementing and enforcing these regulations to prevent accidents. Employers are also responsible for effectively handling negligent workers who continuously violate the rules of safety, jeopardizing everyone’s safety.

Workers’ compensation was implemented to protect workers from employers that would not take responsibility for workplace accidents. When a worker is injured in an accident, he or she is facing mounting medical costs, while at the same time unable to work and earn income to pay for those medical bills. It is unfair to expect a worker to tolerate such a situation. Workers’ compensation is designed to benefit the worker in this situation.

Even so, workers’ compensation does not necessarily cover all costs. For this reason, we recommend a consultation with a Utah personal injury attorney if you have been involved in a workplace accident.

Financial Compensation For Your Injuries

Sometimes accidents in the workplace are caused by negligent and irresponsible employers or equipment manufacturers. When you go to work, you are putting your trust in your employer and the manufacturers of the equipment that you use to have your safety foremost in their mind and their actions. When this is not the case, you may be entitled to financial compensation for medical costs and lost wages related to your worksite accident.

Summit Injury Law has dealt with these issues before. We know exactly what your employer, equipment manufacturers and insurance companies are responsible for and we will fight for you aggressively, in court if necessary, to ensure your rights are protected under the law. An initial consultation will determine if you should pursue legal proceedings regarding your accident.

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