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A ski lift accident can be a devastating tragedy for those involved. A fall from a ski lift will almost certainly cause a serious injury, as the height of a ski lift is tremendous. Unfortunately, many ski lift accidents are the result of negligence or improper maintenance. If you or a loved one was injured in a ski lift accident, contact a Utah personal injury attorney from Summit Injury Law to discuss your case and find out what options are available to you during this difficult time.

There are many circumstances that can cause a ski lift accident. Besides improper maintenance of the ski lift mechanism, if the lift is improperly operated and monitored, an accident can occur. Failure to adhere to the weight limit of the lift, slow down the lift enough for passengers to safely disembark, and other passengers not behaving safely can all contribute to a serious ski lift accident that can cause a skiing or snowboarding injury, or in some cases even death.

If you have been involved in a ski lift accident, there are many opportunities to recover compensation for your medical bills, injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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When faced with the realities of a ski lift accident injury, you may not know where to turn to begin seeking legal action against the responsible parties. Many people mistakenly believe that they do not have the right to recover funds from a ski lift accident because the injuries were incurred during a leisure activity.

At Summit Injury Law, you will find experienced legal representation from attorneys who are familiar with ski lift laws and the devastating repercussions of ski and snowboard accidents. No matter what type of skiing or snowboarding accident you were involved in, attorney David S. Kottler’s firm can help.

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