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Ski Lift Laws

When the accident is related to a ski lift, a Utah personal injury lawyer from Summit Injury Law should be contacted without delay. The complexities of filing a claim in the state should be addressed by a legal professional with a depth of insight about Utah’s ski laws and how they affect injury claims. Not only is the firm very familiar with the law, but attorney David S. Kottler is a published author on the subject of the law in relation to ski and snowboard accident claims.

The Law And Ski Lift Injury Claims In Utah

The Utah Passenger Ropeway Systems Act, or “Ropeway Act,” addresses the issue of those who are injured on ski lifts in the state. The law specifically protects citizens of the state and visitors to the state from “unnecessary mechanical hazards in the design, construction and operation of passenger ropeways.” A resort is also required by law to halt the operation of the lift immediately should an individual be at risk of harm. In cases in which the resort failed to bring the lift to an immediate halt, this could affect the final outcome of your claim for damages.

If your injury was related to a fault in the ski lift system, either in its design or in its operation, it is important that you have legal counsel to file your claim for damages. Summit Injury Law offers quality legal representation in all types of ski and snowboard injuries, including those that took place on or were involved with a ski lift.

There are a variety of other types of negligence in which the resort could be held accountable and be forced to pay a settlement. A full evaluation of the situation should be undertaken on an immediate basis, and Summit Injury Law offers such advice for free.

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